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Attorney Caitlin Walton Joins Board of Psychology For All

Essex Richards attorney Caitlin Walton has joined the board of Psychology For All, a nonprofit organization that aims to increase access to psychological services for members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community by providing financial assistance and help to those unable to afford psychological care.  The organization connects qualified adults with local psychological service providers who have agreed to provide discounted services to help improve the mental health of our community. Psychology For All also seeks to further educate our community on the importance and benefits of mental health care.

Caitlin became involved with the organization after seeing how many individuals are unable to access the mental health treatment they need.  

“Through my work as an employee benefits attorney, I see first-hand that mental health conditions are a leading cause of disability across the state. Yet a huge number of people are not getting the help they need, often because they’re afraid or embarrassed to, or because they cannot afford treatment. I joined Psychology For All to help remove the cultural and financial barriers to mental health care that are unfortunately so prevalent in our community,” she said.

To learn more about Psychology For All, visit here