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Caitlin’s practice centers generally on civil litigation, with an emphasis on ERISA litigation. She is committed to assisting individuals secure the benefits that they have earned. Caitlin handles long and short-term disability insurance claims, health benefit coverage denial claims, life insurance claims, accidental death and dismemberment claims, retirement and pension benefit claims, and other employee benefit matters. She assists individuals at every stage of the claims and appeals process, including the administrative appeal level, as well as the district and appellate court level.

An Eastern North Carolina native, Caitlin graduated Summa Cum Laude from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, a minor in journalism, and a certificate in technical and professional writing. After graduating from ECU, Caitlin attended Wake Forest University School of Law. While in law school, Caitlin worked as a teaching assistant for the school’s legal writing program. Additionally, Caitlin served as a teaching assistant for Wake Forest Law’s LL.M. degree program. In this capacity, Caitlin assisted international lawyers and students, who already held law degrees from their home countries, study the laws of the United States and develop their legal writing and oral argument skills. Caitlin also served as the Development Editor of the Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law.

Caitlin now lives in the Lake Norman area with her husband and two dogs. Caitlin’s favorite hobbies include relaxing with her husband and dogs on their boat and cheering on the Carolina Panthers.

    What Caitlin's Clients Say...

    Caitlin has a vast understanding of ERISA law, long-term disability claims and litigation, all of which she takes very seriously. It was easy to see that Caitlin is passionate about her profession, and has great respect for law.

      What Caitlin's Clients Say......

      Had it not been for Caitlin Walton, I would have never won my appeal! She work hard and diligently to make sure that I won my appeal to get my disability payments restored. I can't sing her praises enough! I pray I never have to go thru something like that again, but you better believe....if I do, Caitlin will be the one that I will call on! I HIGHLY recommend her!read more
      Gerald White
      02:51 30 Jan 18
      After being turned down by one attorney and then writing an appeal on my own, I was referred to Essex Richards. Caitlin Walton was one of the attorney's assigned to my case due to having specialized in this area of law. After a review of my case by her and her partner I was told that I did indeed have a valid case and that it should be perused. During the entire time of a second appeal, pre-mediation negotiations and mediations Ms. Walton always should the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Ms. Walton’s level of tenacity in knowledge of my case as well as preparing appeals and negotiations were second to none. Ms. Walton was always available to answer questions and open to listening to my point of view as well as offering sound advice For anyone needing an attorney specialized in her area of law, that is willing to go the distance for you I highly recommend Caitlin more
      Robert House
      15:04 03 May 17
      Caitlin was very helpful through our legal dilemma. listened to everything attentively and knew the laws very well. We couldn't have done it without her!
      Daniel Morouney
      16:03 01 May 17
      Caitlin is very professional and well versed in ERISA, Insurance Denial, and long term disability and short term disability law. She answered all of my questions thoroughly when I was denied coverage by my insurance company for a hospital more
      Barbara Jones
      11:20 14 Feb 18
      Taking on a Multi-Billion Dollar corporation is no easy task, so you better believe I shopped around. I wasn’t feeling the confidence or professionalism I expected from some very reputable local firms. That is until I contacted Caitlin Walton at Essex Richards. We had a one on one consultation and It didn’t take long for me to know she was the right woman for the job. Caitlin has a vast understanding of ERISA law, Long-Term Disability Claims and litigation. All of which she takes very seriously. During our initial visit it was easy to see that Caitlin is passionate about her profession, has great respect for law and I thought to myself; Wow! This is not just a job to her, she takes her cases personal! That’s exactly the caliber of attorney I was looking for. As a disabled man, the legal process can be long, physically and mentally exhausting. Had I settled for someone else, the uncertainties of the process would have driven me crazy. However, through our correspondence Caitlin, along with her amazing staff, really showed genuine compassion. She understands how frustrating it can get at times, Caitlin always made time to answer my questions and concerns. When the time came for Caitlin to start digging in, it was crystal clear; she’s an unstoppable force! Her entire approach is nothing short of exceptional. My appeal was an all-out war! Caitlin gathered an abundance of supporting documentation for my case. Furthermore, she found mistake after mistake in the internal documents on the corporation I was up against. When I say the stack of documentation was as thick as the New York yellow pages, it’s an understatement! She went through it with a microscope. In all honesty, I was blown away with all she had found. When she made an argument, it was evident that her attention to detail was impeccable. Caitlin Walton, what can I say; you are a Rock Goddess with a lot of heart! And to your opponents, watch out because Caitlin’s in it for the win! You’re a Dragon Slayer who went head on with a corporate monster and you beat them down! Checkmate! I am forever grateful. Respectfully, John Romunoread more
      New York John
      01:43 19 Apr 18
      When my LTD insurer dropped me, I started asking around for lawyers. More than once I was told the best firm was Essex Richards. When I met with Caitlin, I knew I had made the right decision. She and her staff took control of my case and constantly kept me updated. I could not have been happier with the outcome. We need more strong, intelligent and caring professional women in the business more
      Karen Eger
      16:47 15 Jun 18
      In the spirit of paying it forward, it is indeed a pleasure to write this review on behalf of Attorney Caitlin Walton. This attorney is far more than an accomplished legal expert; Attorney Walton wields a boundless range of intellectual talent and is markedly qualified to navigate beyond most any complexity. Clear and simple – Attorney Walton is absolutely brilliant! Her dedication to excellence, prudent judgement and integrity are unmatched; moreover she flat-out knows how to win. Attorney Walton took on one of the largest insurance companies in the country and won my disability retirement benefits for which I am tremendously grateful. Her firm’s research team is exceeding knowledgeable, thorough and meticulous; they sought out every relevant medical record and fact to fashion a comprehensive, overwhelming winning appeal. After reviewing the sheer volume of work she and her firm undertook in preparing my case, let me say this is not something you cannot do on you own. Look no further - if you are so fortunate to retain the services of Attorney Caitlin Walton rest assured your worries are over, you are working with the best of the best; Attorney Caitlin Walton truly exemplifies the epitome of justice. My hope is this review will promote justice and save someone from the arduous chore of seeking a first-rate attorney, therefore kindly accept this gift of knowledge and remember to pay it forward by sharing!read more
      Arthur Jackson
      04:07 11 Aug 18