Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Essex Richards pursues justice for our clients. For decades, our lawyers have fought complex cases for clients who have been seriously injured. We are conservative with the cases we take and work hard to help our clients. Our lawyers are committed to providing quality services with the dignity and integrity of our firm. If we become your legal counsel, rest assured that we will take your claim seriously and fight hard for your recovery.  

We will fight for the best monetary recovery possible for you, but we know that you have much more than money at stake. Serious injuries often trigger an avalanche of other problems that hit you at a time when you are least able to manage them. Health insurance issues, employment problems, ERISA liens, consideration of special needs trusts and other matters must be addressed. We help our clients put their lives back together after a catastrophic injury or loss.

How We Helped...

He was extremely prepared. He knew exactly what to ask, and was very specific with what he needed from me and in what format. They were totally prepared and made us feel comfortable in knowing how prepared they were… We knew they were going to see us through.