Litigation Attorneys - Charlotte, NC

What We Do

Litigation is not typically a client’s first choice; it’s not ours either. When possible, we counsel our clients on ways to avoid going to court, but when litigation is necessary, our team brings experience and determination to protect our clients’ interests.

Our Experience

Our trial lawyers have years of experience in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate level. We represent those needing counsel in business and personal disputes – whether a conflict between you and a former employee or employer, a family member, a business colleague, or an insurance company, our litigators are here to help.

Our lawyers are also experienced in representing clients whose cases reach the appellate courts. Why is this important when selecting a law firm? We see the bigger picture. We believe that our ability to represent you at all levels of your case – from the first consultation through the final appeal – gives us a broader perspective so that we can better advise you and be your zealous advocate throughout your case.

We offer counsel in many areas of litigation, including:

Another way our litigation team assists clients is through our mediation and arbitration services. All team members are experienced in the use of mediation and arbitration as means of dispute resolution without trial. Several of our team members are state certified mediators.

Who can help?