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ERISA was initially passed more than forty years ago to address problems with underfunded pensions and other retirement benefits that employees relied upon to their detriment for financial stability in their later years. In so doing, ERISA regulates the formation and operation of pension and retirement plans, establishes funding, vesting, reporting, and disclosure requirements, and sets fiduciary standards for trustees and plan administrators charged with protecting and investing your retirement. We represent individual clients and plan administrators with retirement benefit issues, “top hat” plans, deferred compensation agreements, 401(k)s, and other pension benefit matters.

Time Is of the Essence

Many times, claimants are wrongfully denied their pension or retirement benefits because of a misapplication of the plan terms, a miscalculation of service time or other eligibility requirements, or even because of the bad actions of one or more of the fiduciaries charged with prudently and loyally protecting your money. When such denials or breaches of fiduciary duty owed to you do take place, strict deadlines and procedural rules govern your ability to challenge them. We have significant experience successfully handling claims and appeals, as well as litigating when necessary in all state and federal trial and appellate courts, against companies, plans, and trusts of all types and sizes.

While we are physically located in Charlotte, we regularly represent individuals throughout the entire state of North Carolina. For additional information or to determine if you need assistance with a claim, please complete the form below or give us a call at (704) 377-4300.

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