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We handle many kinds of welfare benefit claims, including life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment (“AD&D”) denials. When you lose a loved one or suffer a debilitating injury, the last thing you want to deal with is an insurance company that refuses to pay the benefits owed to you or your loved ones. Some employers offer insured life insurance and/or AD&D policies as employee benefits, but many people also buy their own such policies on the private market. The way the policy was purchased will impact whether ERISA or general state law breach of contract principles apply, and as such, what procedural and legal rules apply. We know the rules and are experienced in handling both kinds of claims. Insurers often attempt to avoid paying these claims based on any number of reasons, including but not limited to, an alleged misrepresentation on the application, a dispute over the coverage date or other eligibility criteria, or in the case of an AD&D claim, a dispute over the cause of death or injury and whether it is covered.

We Have Significant Experience

When such denials and terminations do take place, strict deadlines and procedural rules govern your ability to challenge to the insurer’s decision. We have significant experience successfully handling claims and appeals, as well as litigating when necessary in all state and federal trial and appellate courts, against most major life insurance carriers, including AIG, Fidelity Life, Globe Life, Legal & General, Lincoln Financial, New York Life, Principal, Protective Life, Prudential, SBLI, Transamerica, United of Omaha, and most other major insurers.

While we are physically located in Charlotte, we regularly represent individuals throughout the entire state of North Carolina. For additional information or to determine if you need assistance with a claim, please complete the form below or give us a call at (704) 377-4300.

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