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Retired Partner Lou Lesesne Honored by Davidson College

During Davidson College’s 2022 reunion, retired Essex Richards partner Lou Lesesne was presented with the college’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have provided leadership or attained recognition within their profession. Davidson remarked that “Lou Lesesne ’67 has passionately and energetically lived out his calling to fight for rights and to serve those who are disadvantaged and disfavored.”

Long-time partner of Lou’s, Woody Connette, remarked, “he is known for his integrity, his high civic-mindedness, and his willingness to pitch in and do the hard work to make things better. This inspires others to follow his example, and the effect on our community is like a flywheel. With more friends and neighbors taking on volunteer service, their friends and neighbors do likewise, and the circle of service and support grows wider and stronger. In short, Lou was an influencer decades before that term was ever created.”

Read the full recognition from Davidson College, here.