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Partner John Woodman Quoted Regarding BrewPublik Bankruptcy

Partner John Woodman was quoted recently in a Charlotte Agenda article, “The Recent Bankruptcy of BrewPublik Reveals the Charlotte Startup’s Deep-Rooted Problems.”

The article covers the recent bankruptcy filing of Charlotte start-up BrewPublik.

John was contacted by The Charlotte Agenda for his opinion regarding the bankruptcy proceeding.

He commented that he “considers it best practice to include any and all individuals and entities that you believe you may owe money to when filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy.” 

He added that “The Bankruptcy Code requires notice to all parties, but my best practice with clients, and I advise them, is that they need to list everybody and anybody that they think may have a claim against the company out of an abundance of caution even if it is for notice purposes only.”

To read the full article from The Charlotte Agenda, click here.