Attorney Natalie Potter Serves as Business Coach

On Wednesday October 23, Natalie Potter, an attorney with Essex Richards, served as a business coach in the area of trademark law at The Heart of a Woman conference, hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte has been conducting the conference for three years, and Natalie was thrilled to be invited to participate this year.  The Women’s Business Center estimates that over three hundred women were in attendance during the two-day conference where they received an abundance of information on how to prosper in the business world.

The conference provided an opportunity for business women in the community to individually receive professional coaching on various topics. As a business coach in trademark law, Natalie had the opportunity to offer guidance to woman regarding trademarking their business and product logos and protecting their intellectual property.

Natalie is always grateful when she can give back to the community and never more so than when she can help hard-working, business minded individuals achieve their goals. “When an individual or a business has worked hard to build a name for themselves in the community it can be a devasting blow to have someone come along and try to profit from their hard work.  I get a deeply personal sense of accomplishment when I can help a client protect their intellectual property and hold onto what they have worked so hard to build,” she commented.

A native North Carolinian, Natalie has been empowering businesses and individuals for over 15 years.  The majority of her clients mirror who she is as a person: self-made, hardworking, dedicated and tenacious.  Natalie’s goal for all her business related clients, whether they are newly formed or a business that has been around for generations, is to empower them with the knowledge they need for lasting success.  Some of her clients have become close personal friends over the years and she approaches each new client with the intention that the relationship be a lasting one.

For more information about The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte or The Heart of a Woman Conference, click here.