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Essex Richards Attorney Lauren Lewis Serves as a Volunteer Attorney with the Council for Children’s Rights in Their Custody Advocacy Program.

Volunteer Profile: Lauren Lewis

Meet Lauren Lewis, an attorney with Essex Richards, P.A.  For the past eight years, she has also served as a volunteer attorney in our Custody Advocacy Program.  Recently, Lauren received the Young Lawyer Award from the Mecklenburg County Bar.

John Parker, a CFCR attorney with our Custody Advocacy Team who has worked with Lauren over her years as a volunteer with the Council, had this to say: “Lauren’s work for CFCR involves advocating for the best interests of children in the most difficult of custody cases. She handles her cases with the skill, energy, judgment, and compassion that is characteristic of her. She’s a really good lawyer who cares deeply about the children she represents.”

We asked Lauren to share with us a little about how she got involved with the Council and what she finds most rewarding about volunteering and working with the children.

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